Richard Legg

When Results Matter Most.


Helping entrepreneurs and business
owners generate more leads, customers and clients.

Providing training, coaching and consulting to help grow your
business in the most efficient way possible. 

Leveraging our expertise in the online and
digital marketing worlds will allow you to:

Get More Leads

Our systematic list building methods give you the ability to turn visitors to your website into a hyper targeted database of potential customers.

Increase Your Profits

Through targeted and effective follow up mechanisms, your automated prospecting systems will increase trust and close more sales.

Enjoy More Freedom

Automation that scales allows you to maximize the return on your ad spend, decrease expenses and all while spending less time in your business.

Richard Legg

An English guy, who grew up in Ireland and married an American.

(So yeah, that's why my accent is weird) 

I'm also a marketing coach, consultant and author of "Seven Figure Blueprints".

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What people are saying about Richard Legg

"Richard is a master at developing profitable sales strategies and automated systems.

Just one project with him has so far generated over $1.3M in revenues - all through completely automated sales processes.

If you get the chance to work with him, do it."

Nathan Brown Founder of IntegrationProfits.com

"With Richard's help we were able to develop a completely automated sales campaign that added over 180 new customers to our high ticket coaching program in one year (with 27 new customers in December alone). 

Not only was Richard able to assist with all of the technical aspects, but he provided extremely valuable insights that led to higher conversions on initial sales, as well as developing strategies for more backend offers."

John Thornhill Founder of PartnershipToSuccess.com

The first campaign Richard put together for us literally doubled the conversions on one of our entry level products.

Since then he's helped create and optimise other campaigns that have generated over $100,000 in monthly revenue through 100% automated methods.

Not only is he always full of ideas on how to improve conversions, he actually turns those ideas into results.

Michael Cheney Founder of Seniority.co.uk


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